Ulrik Neumann

Tomahawk and knife

When Ulrik got into HEMA, he joined “Die Freifechter” in Cologne. He started in Napoleonic (british) military fencing, which he still practices today, but soon after he got introduced to earlier sources and picked up “langes Messer”, the long knife, as well as dagger fighting and wrestling from the renaissance. When he is not teaching Messer or training Napoleonic sources, Ulrik spends his time practicing and researching knife fighting as well as historical tribal fighting arts.

Axes are some of the oldest and most common tools and weapons in human history. In the 18th and 19th centuries, not only European colonial forces in the Americas were regularly issued with hand axes or hatchets, also common settlers found effective use of them as tools and/or sidearms. Which, over time, also American natives started to integrate into their culture and martial arts.

This workshop will be an introduction into fighting with tomahawk and knife. It will cover basic attacks, defences, required footwork and body mechanics, as well as some small group fighting scenarios and the change of psychology/mindset in such in contrast to classical “one on one” fencing.

Gear requirements/recommendations:

-light gloves (not particularly required but nice to have)
-Mask/safety goggles/any kind of eye protection (Note: we won’t go full-bonkers on each other, but for safety reasons eye protection on own discretion is still recommended)
-Groin protection (mandatory)
-There will be some tomahawk trainers available but if participants have their own, they are encouraged to bring them (as long as they are not sharpened in any way)

Required skill level

There are no restrictions to participation regarding “skill-level”. Everyone is welcome!