For the first time SWOOSH will organise a friendly competition revolving around three weapons; the sabre, spadroon and broadsword. 

The competition will be fought with Blackfencer nylons provided by SWOOSH. Specifically:

  • The 1796 infantry sabre
  • The 1796 spadroon
  • The Regimental Broadsword

And there will be prizes for;

  • 1st place (highest score)
  • 2nd place (highest score)
  • 3rd place (highest score)
  • Master of Arms – award
  • Master of Broadsword – award
  • Master of Sabre – award
  • Master of Spadroon – award
  • Best technical – award
  • Sportmanship – award

Gearlist for the SWOOSH 2020 competition. (subject to change)


Masker 1600nw
Back of head protector
Chestplate (mandatory for women)
Elbow protection
Knee protection
Long trousers.
350nw jacket
Groin protection (mandatory for men)

Jackets must have an official 350nw rating and cover the entire upper body + arms and show no gaps. Jackets such as the SPES light and/or officer jackets are the minimum.

Fencing trousers with an official 350nw rating are heavily recommended. Long trousers only. No shorts or kilts allowed.

FIE 1600nw masks. Masks must not show signs of distress/damage that will impact their use, like dents or rust. Mask top/side covers are recommended, but not required.

Back of the head protector:
Heavily recommended.

A solid throat guard covered the front of the throat is required.

Solid protection covering the elbow that is well attached and doesn’t shift.

Padding is heavily recommended and it depends on the jacket of choice whether gearcheck will ask you to wear forearm protection for your dominant arm. Protection may consist of; a padded fencing sleeve, SPES forearm guards (and those of similar brands) or a padded cuff attached to the glove.

Solid protection covering the knees that doesn’t shift.

Solid protection is required. Hockey shin guards are recommended.

Groin protection:
Well fitting, solid groin protection for men is mandatory, and is optional but recommended for women.


Red Dragon/lacrosse gloves with added SPES fingertips are the bare minimum. As the 1796 infantry sabres have a very minimal guard we recommend heavier gloves such as sparring gloves, progauntlets, neymann inigo montoya and similar. SPES heavies most likely will not fit.

As the basket both protects the hand and limits the choice of gloves the bare minimum is a padded fencing glove, such as the kevlar ‘Darth Vader’ gloves, preferably with fingertips protection. Note that if the choice is to do broadsword, lower arm prrotection is MANDATORY as most light padded fencing gloves lack a strong cuff.

Blackfencer nylon;
1796 infantry sabre

1796 infantry officer sword (spadroon)

Regimental broadsword

Bring your own BF nylon;

SWOOSH will provide loaners, but in the event of not having enough we encourage bringing your own.
It is allowed to use your own trusted BF nylon trainer if it doesn’t have too many alterations (Alterations to weight, blade length, guard etc). Adding a grippy layer such as tennis or hockeytape to the grip is permitted.
If you want to bring your own weapon, it will have to be brough to the gearcheck.